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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
William Shakespeare, Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

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Our Purpose

The goal of this site and its creators is to find answers, provide alternate opinions, and personally investigate and report on as much "wierd" stuff as possible. We want first-hand experience. We want to evaluate and report our personal experiences, as well as the personal experiences of others, in matters dealing with the Paranormal, Supernatural, Unexplained and just plain Odd.
Are there really people who can see the future or move things with their minds?
I've never known one.
Have any human beings actually been taken aboard "Alien" spacecraft?
I've never personally met anyone who has made that claim.
What are the Marfa and Anson lights in Texas?
These comprise are first two Investigations, since we're based in Texas.
Can the stars, tarot cards, or tea leaves tell us what the future holds?

Most importantly, how can we put the answers that some claim to have to the test?
This is what we intend to do.

Alien Abductions

The claim is that thousands of people are abducted by aliens each year. This section of TruthExplorers provides some background on the alien abduction phenomena and links to useful websites related to abductions. The authors of this website, as yet, have never met a person who claims to have been abducted. We would, however, very much like to! Please see our Investigations page if your interested, or send us an email.


Since the dawn of recorded history man has had his head in the clouds. We've long looked to the sky for mystical answers that seem to elude the earth-bound. My mother studied astrology, created astrological charts, and delved into other "divining" arts when I was young. Our section on Astrology provides information, useful links, and seeks to assertain the true viability of astrology as a "divining" method. I-Ching, Tarot, and Numerology are also addressed in this section.


Our "Paranormal" section is primarily dedicated to "Ghost" tales and their investigation. Certainly, the word paranormal covers a very broad area of "Science" which many of our other catagories could be considered to fall under. For our purposes it means ghosts, spirits, and the like. You will find many useful links on the subject here, details of any investigations we have personally carried out, and information about the investigations done by others.


Psychic, for us, is all things that are of, or claim to be of the mind. Telekinesis, mind reading, even acting as a mediary between the spirit and the living work: we classify these things under the category of "Psychic" ability. In my personal experience I cannot say that I've ever known someone verifiably in posession of these powers. Wow! I'd really like to meet such an individual. Think you might be the one? Drop us a line at our email address.


Seeing strange lights in the sky? Who hasn't? Well, me, for one. I'm game. Bring it on aliens. I'm waiting. Until "they" decide to accept MY challenge, we'll have to settle for accounts of others; which we will personally investigate where possible. "Roswell" and "Aurora" are two we have already slated for future investigation. Sorry Bryant. Your coverage of these types of stories was woefully insufficient and inconclusive. Most have been. We hope to do better. In the mean time we'll provide links to interesting reading and findings on the subject in this section.

Anson Lights

Anson is a relatively unremarkable city of 3000, in a relatively unremarkable part of unremarkable northwest Texas. If one were to remark on anything about this place it might be just how unremarkable it is... with one exception. Anson has "Lights". They are roughly globular, float in mid-air, can be seen on most any evening, and seemingly have no origin. In many regards they are similar to the Marfa Lights though not as numerous. Our first investigations explores this.

Aurora, Texas 1897 Crash

A small town just outside of Ft. Worth, Texas, Aurora's claim to fame is the alleged UFO crash on April 19, 1897. That's right, 1897, more than 100 years ago, and 50 years before Roswell. Why is that important? Well, in 1897 UFO's could hardly be said to be on the "A" list of dinner conversation. Even though there was a "craze" of sightings around this time across the US, why would the extremely rural North Texas of the time join in?
Some allege the story was invented by the part-time reporter, E. E. Haydon, who had written it for the Dallas Morning News. Certainly, fabrication is a possible explanation, yet there are a number of reasons to believe otherwise. Links to the skeptics and zealots alike are found on this page, plus our own take.

Artifacts and Oddities

The Dropa Stones, the Antikythera Mechanism, and ancient representations of modern day aircraft. Where did these things come from? Who made them? Why don't we hear more about them? What other amazing, unexplained artifacts are out there which we hear little or nothing about, and is there a reason why? We endeavor to explain what we can and, to the best of our ability present a fair and balanced overview in addition to providing links to the explanations of others.

Edgar Cayce

Edward Cayce, born 1877 - died 1945, was a prolific alleged psychic from the U.S.. He would give "readings" by going to sleep, at which point the seeker of the knowledge could ask him a question. His readings, in large part, dealt with diagnosing and/or suggesting remedies for all kinds of maladies.

Marfa Lights

Most of what we investigate is in Texas because that's where we are based. Like Anson, Marfa has "Lights". Located in central southwestern Texas, about 40 miles east of the Mexican border, Marfa boasts a population of a little more than 2000. Few who live there can say they haven't seen the lights, and I know a number of people, including my own parents who have seen them. So what are they? Find links to what others have found, and stay tuned for our own investigation.


Nostradamus was born in the early 16th century. Most folks have heard the name, and there's certainly much ado about his prophecies... namely, the quatrains. I, personally, believe that given very little effort a person could make his very cryptic "predictions" apply to a number of historical events. Does this opinion, in any way, diminish the value of the infamous mans writings? You decide for yourself. We have all the quatrains (some 942 of them) here, along with some other links related to soothsayer.

Roswell, New Mexico 1947 Crash

Is there a more well known "case" of UFO lore than what happened at Roswell? Probably not, but for those unfamiliar, the basics of the story go like this:
Sometime in Mid-June 1947 a farmer (W.W. Brazel) found some strange "debris" littering a 200 yard swath of land. He took some of this debris to the Roswell, New Mexico sherrif in early July. At some point, the local Air Force (really the Army Air Corp at that time) was called. They issued a press release stating, "We have in our possession a flying saucer. This thing crashed north of Roswell, and we've shipped it all to General Ramey, 8th Air Force at Fort Worth." From then on, the evidence, and any remnants of the orginal story were forever bastardized by subsequent press releases with claims of faulty weather baloons, and eventually stories a high altitude experimental equipment gone south. Uh-huh. I buy it. How about you? More opinions, links and misinformation here.