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Marfa Lights


There's something about "Small Town" Texas, Movies, and "Lights". (see Anson Lights)   Marfa was the location for the late 60's James Dean movie "Giant".  Other than the lights, probably it's biggest claim to fame.

Of course, it does have a rather large municipal airport considering the size of the town (population of around 2000). The runway design is one Fox Mulder could have architected. In addition to the prominant and almost perfect "X" it makes, you might notice the black roofs. I found this odd, and look at the image (from Google Earth) many times in many ways. No matter how you slice it, it looks like the "roof tops" (or whatever) have been blotted out of the image rather than actually being black. We plan to visit Marfa soon, and have a look for ourselves, but for now here's the image.

Marfa Municipal Airport

The airport is situated almost exactly due North of the city and is reportedly the renovated remains of a former WWII Army Air Auxillary Landing Field. Hmmm... Okay. You'll have to look around if you use Google Earth to find the city. That app centers and zooms South and West of the city proper.


The Marfa Lights have been around for some time. Legend has it the first sightings go back as far as 1883. Of course, if that is so, than the explanation proposed by University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) students that the lights are merely headlights from cars on the not too distant highway 67 just doesn't hold water. Can we validate the early accounts? That will be part of our goal when we personally investigate.

From most accounts the lights can be seen from dusk 'til dawn on almost any given day. They appear to be from 1 - 10 feet in diameter, are roughly spherical and somewhere between orange and red in color. They appear with such regularity that in 2001 the Texas Department of Transportation fronted the money to build the official Marfa Lights Viewing Area. The city certainly has not suffered from the mystery. In fact, they celebrate the "Lights" each and every September at the Marfa Lights Festival on Labor Day weekend.

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