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Cattle Mutilation

"Cattle Mutilation" cases occur around the globe. Some claim as many as 10,000 cases have been reported since the 1970's in the United States alone. It is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately count occurrances based on imperical data because that data is so widespread where it exists at all. Still, there is hard evidence that the phenomenon IS occurring and has been for some time. There are photographs, interviews, documentary films/videos, books, even official investigations into the subject.

In my research, which has been primarily limited to internet resources thus far, I've found only one "study" which which I would consider designed to return pseudo-imperical data. In 1997 the National Institute for Discovery Science (NDIS) conducted a survey of 3849 veterinarian bovine practitioners in the United States. There were only 189 respondants, but of those 90 reported having handled cases of cattle mutilation. Of those cases, the definitive indicators of a "mutilation" were enumerated and counted for each case as reflected in the chart below:

NDIS comes to an interesting conclusion regarding why the carcasses are left behind (the burning question where cattle mutilation is concerned). They conclude this is an attempt on the part of the perpetrators to get our attention. They further conclude it is the increasing density of "Prions" in these areas that whomever is trying to call our attention to. In other words, they're trying to tell us our food chain is being corrupted. Hmmm...

At initial glance, there are not a large number of images showing carcasses resulting from predation. I did find one, however, that seems to argue directly against the theory that cattle mutilation is the result of predation:

The text says this is the result of a Coyote kill. Although the original article makes no mention of "rectum" or "udder" area, I suspect this is because those areas were not attacked. The text reads thus:

Sheep killed by coyote
"Description: Coyotes often kill at throat while feral dogs may also attack hindquarters. Dogs are more likely to mutilate middle and rear body parts while depredating upon sheep-sized prey while coyotes may attack neck. Dogs may more often attack face and nose. Feeding on carcass may leave ragged tissue and splintered bones."

You may notice the throat appears to be quite nearly torn out. You may also notice the eye is still there. This is what the carcass looks like when created as a result of predation.

Below is what cattle mutilation typically looks like where the eyes are concerned:

Eye CUT OUT with near surgical precision

I'm sure many of you can find many more provocative photos, but I have been unable to find any of high quality which truly typify the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Please submit them to me via email if you have, or have found links to them. Typically, there is no blood. I've seen many pictures of amateuristic attempts to recreate a cattle mutilation scene, but so far, they all include massive amounts of blood loss near the carcass. This doesn't fit the pattern of the mystery.

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