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Roswell UFO Crash?
Our Video Interviews with Roswell Locals

According to the "Roswell Daily Record" front page of July 9, 1947, a ranch hand, W.W. "Mac" Brazel and his 8 year old son Vernon came upon the remains of an object which had unfortunately, and apparently unexpectedly, come into contact with the surface of Earth.

June 14, 1947, as the story reads, "Mac" and Vernon were on the Foster Ranch about 30 miles SE of Corona, NM when they found the "large area of bright wreckage." This story was printed the day after the "Roswell Daily Record" front page headline "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region". Those are the facts as we've been able to gather them from the front pages of the "Roswell Daily Record" for sale at various "Alien Stuff" type stores in downtown Roswell. You can read the papers (images of them) here (July 8, 1947) and here (July 9, 1947)

In beginning our own investigation, I am most struck by the fact that we have only one source of PHYSICAL evidence... The newspaper from the time. Certainly there are many claims of "Official" documents (which are usually determined by "Autorities" to be hoaxes) on display at the Roswell UFO museum. Also at the museum are numerous affidavits and sworn statements of "witnesses" to the event(s). We took pictures of most of them, and they can be viewed on our site by clicking here.

The newspaper articles from July 8, 1947 and July 9, 1947 make no mention of "bodies". "Mac" Brazel is never qouted as having seen any "bodies". From other sites we've learned that the "bodies" lore seems to originate with a young Roswell mortician named Glenn Dennis (that story here). Has Mr. Dennis given a sworn statement? If so, where is it?

Anyway, check out our brief video interview with two Roswell residents, enjoy the pictures of the town, and go see for yourself sometime. By the way, according to the staff of the Roswell UFO Museum, the area around the picture of my lovely wife by a sign reading "UFO Crash Site" is not the actual area of the crash. They say a rancher put up that sign to make money by giving tours, and eventually building an RV park on that land. If you drive down the road next to the sign you'll see that someone was in the process of putting in power boxes every 30 feet or so.

My own conclusion about Roswell, for the moment, is that SOMETHING VERY unusual happened there in July of 1947. What? I can't even speculate. The truth about Roswell, whatever that may be, has been thoroughly, if not irrevocably, obscured by more than 50 years of speculation, novels, charlatans, television specials, and an ever growing body of lore. Having now been to Roswell for one night and one day, I can agree absolutely with only one statement about the place. That statement was printed on a T-Shirt I once had: "Roswell, New Mexico... A Great Place to Crash."

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Pictures we took in Roswell

thm_AlienArbys.jpg thm_AlienCardboard.jpg thm_AlienCoke.jpg thm_AlienDrummer.jpg thm_AlienMacDs.jpg thm_AlienShop1.jpg
thm_AlienShop2.jpg Alien Face from Google Earth thm_AlienWallAdd.jpg thm_AlienWalMart.jpg thm_Books.jpg thm_approxcrash.jpg
thm_CoverupCafe.jpg thm_ESRoswell1.jpg thm_ESRoswell2.jpg thm_ESRoswell3.jpg thm_FalseSign.jpg thm_MiniAutopsy.jpg
thm_MuseumHOF.jpg thm_SpaceWalkPlace.jpg thm_TrishBelieve.jpg thm_UFOMuseumStatue.jpg thm_UFOMusFront.jpg thm_VisitorsPeg.jpg

Pictures of Affidavits at the Roswell UFO Museum

Barbara Dugger
Jesse A. Marcel, M.D.
Phyllis McGuire
Jim Ragsdale (Statement)
Robert R. Porter
Loretta Proctor
James Ragsdale (Affidavit)
Lydia Sleppy
Charley E. Wade
Thomas Jefferson DuBose
Robert LeRoy Marshall, Jr.
Colonel Patrick Saunders