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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
William Shakespeare, Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

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(and other "Divining" techniques)


The origins of "Astrology" make it fairly clear to me how it became a "Divining" tool. The very first time man made an association between the objects in the sky and the weather on earth the groundwork was laid for us to expect more information from the heavens. Consider the early farmers (as in prehistorical), possibly before they had the wit to make a calendar, they could look to sky for information about time of year which their immediate surroundings were not providing.

     CAVEMAN1: "Last when star there warm soon..."

     CAVEMAN2: "Ugh! Plant weed make smile!"

... or something like that. You get the idea.

Does this psychologically lead to the possibly false notion that the stars themselves are responsible for the terrestrial changes about to occur? It could be. Certainly the positions of Sun and Moon relative to the Earth have a dramatic direct effect on our planet. Is it reasonable to believe that stars lightyears away can also affect our planet and us as individuals? I wouldn't go so far as to say it's unreasonable, but I do believe this is the point at which Astronomy and Astrology part ways.

The fact that a person is born at a certain time of year could, certainly, have an effect on milestones of their personal development. As a bad example, let's take learning to walk, which tends to occur at some point during the first two years of human life. A person living in northern climes and born in the spring might be expected to learn to walk later in life because there environment isn't well suited to walking during the time period when there body is ready to make the attempt. Snow, little time outside, thick clothing could all work together to retard the "learning to walk" process.

This, to me, is not inherently predictive or definitive. The stars themselves have nothing to do with the cause and effect here. They indicate a time of year when certain terrestrial environmental conditions are likely. Those conditions are what provide the cause.

Now far be it from me to "Poo-Poo" on anything paranormal. All I want is evidence... proof. I want an astrologer to say "On such and such a date, such and such will happen." If astrology truly has this kind of power then an astrologer should be able to do so unequivocally. I'm willing to allow for a mistake or two. I realize it might not be an exact science, but three out of five is not much to ask for anything claiming to be a science at all.

If you know an astrologer you believe to be up to the task, send them this link:

    Take the Divining Arts Challenge

I Ching and Numerology

I Ching and Numerology I group together here (see the links below for more direct information relating to the two techniques) because they both deal with patterns. My step father is fond of describing a pattern in this way.

If it happens:
  • Once - it's an anomoly
  • Twice - it's a coincidence
  • Three Times - it's a pattern

I don't personally believe that anything is random. Everything can be explained if enough information is available and a sufficient understanding of the variables at play exists. I Ching and Numerology attempt to short cut the process and perhaps are successful at times.

If you know any practitioner of these arts seeking to prove themselves, please send them this link:

    Take the Divining Arts Challenge

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