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Anson Lights     Our Preliminary Investigation!


Anson, TX. Remember that movie "Footloose"? That was set in Anson. Woopdie doo.

So, aside from being an obvious stepping stone when playing "Seven steps to Kevin Bacon", Anson has a population of 2000 to 3000 souls and is situated some 25 miles North-Westish of the booming Texas metropolis known as Abilene. (In case you weren't sure, that was sarcasm).

There is much wonder and beauty to see in Texas... then there's Abilene... but I stray.

The town of Anson was originally established at Fort Phantom Hill, Texas, which is about 14 miles South-East of it's current location. It is personally amusing to me that a place claiming "Ghost Lights" should be so close to a place with "Phantom" in it's name, and even more amusing to think the first place used to be located at the second. Anyway, in 1882 the town then known as Jones City was renamed Anson... enough history.

The "Lights" have been descibed in numerous ways in my research, but generally it seems as if it would be more accurate to say the "Anson Light". Most of the accounts I have read deal with only one roughly globular bouncing light appearing in the distance then fading. The process for seeing the "Light" involves driving down an old county road near a cemetary (imagine that) just outside of Anson. You park, flash your headlights, then wait for the "Light" to appear. I've read the effect is best observed on clear, calm nights.

I have been unable to find any information regarding when the lights were first reported. We've now conducted our preliminary investigation and did, indeed, "see the lights". Click on the link above to read about it, see some really brief and shaky video, and hear from one of the locals about the lights. Now that we've seen the place, we'll be better prepared when we return to do "real" investigating, but this is a good start. Stay Tuned!

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  • This phenomenon doesn't appear to be well known enough, as yet, to generate any truly
    absurd commentary on the web. Sad, but true. With any luck we'll be able change that.