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Anson Lights     -      Our Preliminary Investigation!

Before we go to far, click here and look at the map we've put together. It accomplishes two things:

  • Shows you how to get to Anson to view the lights for yourself
  • Shows the mileage points to the nearest likely explanations for what we saw
Now that you've done that...
You probably noticed the red "dots" at varying distance from the viewing point. They are there to represent places where it would seem possible the headlights of a car coming toward the viewing point could be responsible for the lights we saw. We do not believe this to be the case, but it is the prevailing theory.

The Video

What We Did

We drove from Abiline to Anson on Highway 83 and arrived at the corner of 83 and highway 180 about 12:01 am the morning of Sunday, May 21, 2006.

Turning right onto 180 we drove into the night looking for a cemetary on our right. This is what we understood to be the way to find the viewing area. We did find a cemetary, on county road 387, but my wife Trish said it didn't look like the right place. She had seen the lights several years earlier and this road was too brightly lit.

We continued east down 180 until we were nearly in Funston. We had obviously gone too far and had not seen anything like what Trish recalled. I decided to call the Sherrif and ask for directions.

The sherrifs office, believe it or not, was quite obliging. They did mention that they hadn't had many people looking into the "Anson Lights" over the past several years, but told us where to go. It was, indeed, CR 387 just outside of town. Large lights had been put in along the road, allegedly by the city, to disuade young people from heading out there and getting into trouble. A video camera was also installed on a phone pole at the intersection of the viewing point. We saw the camera... hard to say if it was anything more than a camera "frame". It did appear the lens was gone, but it was dark. Hard to say.

We turned around at the crossroads, flashed our lights three times, and sure enough, within a minute or so, the light appeared. It seemed to be stationary. We had found a local earlier who told us about the lights the city had installed and his own experience. We also shot some video but, I'm ashamed to say as a former television news videographer and reporter, my inexperience with our own little camera led me to not properly use the manual focus. But we submit this short video of the interview with the local, and some of what we saw.

The Video

Our intention is to return soon and perform the following tests with the camera manual focus properly engaged and on a tripod:

  • From the viewing point flash our lights 3 times then wait for the lights. Do this successively for 30 minutes keeping track of the length of time the lights remain visible, and the interval between appearances.
  • Place our RV at the intersection of 387 and 180 thereby blocking the possibility of the light coming from North of 180 and repeating the first test.
  • Having additional people in the RV to report what they see from their vantage point.
  • Having an additional team go to each distance point I've marked on the map and flash their lights, while we are in radio or cell phone contact, as we observe, camera rolling, from the viewing point.

These tests should be sufficient to show whether the lights are something more that coincidental headlights in the distance. Stay tuned!