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William Shakespeare, Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

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Abductions (of the Alien Variety)

I personally believe there is something to a great number of alien abduction cases. Still, there are a good number of folks and websites that make it a bit supsicious. This site, for instance: Okie dokie.

Then, there are those more credible and interesting cases. Cases which provide us with knowledge we lacked before reports of the incident. Take the case of Barney and Betty Hill which occurred late on the night of September 19th, 1961. Betty claims, after and/or during her very "personal" examination by the aliens to have asked, "Hey sailor, where are you from...", or something to that effect. Suprisingly, the abductor answered in her mind and gave her an image. She later drew this image. That pictured below is said to be what she drew.

Betty revealed that her "sailor" said the thick lines represented established "trade routes" while the thinner lines represented paths of exploration. At the time we were unawaure of any constellations corroborating Betty's map, but later Zeta Reticuli was found to be remarkably similar to what Betty had drawn. The star traced to by a thick line at the top right of Betty's drawing is our sun. This is a THICK line, representing part of the aliens regular trade route. Doesn't this beg the question with whom are the aliens trading, and what is the commodity? Below is the actual star map accoriding to Betty Hill and Marjorie Fisher.

I found this interesting little tidbit while surfing the web:

Which seems to suggest a clandestine organization among abductees created as a result of government ridicule. Could such an organization exist? In my opinion, only if the experiences of the abductees were absolutely sincere.

How about the "Fire in the Sky" case? This case deals with the experience of Travis Walton (no relation to "John Boy" or "Mary Ellen") from November 1975. They even made a movie about it. I am led to believe the movie took a few liberties that were really not part of the original story. In brief, Travis Walton was a logger on a crew in northern Arizona. After a hard days work, around dusk, the men were headed home from the worksite when they observed a bright light moving through the trees. They pulled over the the truck they were riding in an got out for a closer look. The other men decided to observe from a distance, but Walton wanted a very close look. The other men bolted when Walton appeared to be thrown through the air by a light eminating from UFO floating about 15 feet above him. The men drove frantically away then finally, overcoming their fear, turned back to look for Walton. They didn't find him. Five days later he awoke on a country road outside of Heber, Arizona. An interesting story to say the least. Read the detailed account by clicking the "original story" link above.

There are so many reports, I could barely begin to scratch the surface even were I to dedicate this entire site only to that topic. The question I ask myself is not longer "If" this is happening, but "Why" is this happening. If you're bored, I have a hypothesis that seems to work nicely at answering that dreaded "Why" question on a number of levels.

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