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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
William Shakespeare, Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

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     Before you read my theory you should probably, at the least, review the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story paying particular attention to Betty's star map. This, for me, was an epiphany. I had heard about the case as a kid, and throughout my life, but had never heard about the star map. Betty's testimony and that map are central to my theory.
     What has always bothered me about the UFO and Abductions phenomena is the question of "Why?" This question for me is particularly important where "abductions" are concerned. Why would a race of beings with technology sufficient to allow their traversing many light-years of space need to take us aboard their ships and perform arguably invasive medical procedures to facilitate their study of us? Why, if studying us were the goal, would they not seek official diplomatic relations? Surely, if it were not harmful to us, we would allow this.
     Why would they have any desire to suck the guts out of cattle?
     Why would the government (US or otherwise) seek to hide all knowledge of the existance of UFOs and denigrate all people associated with the UFO phenomenon?
     Betty Hill stated that the thicker lines on her star chart (which was related to her by the "alien" abductors) represented trade routes. I wonder what they're trading, and with whom?

     I personally find it odd that although we have numerous instances of military and civilian radar tracking "ghost" images moving with purpose and bearing, numerous eye-witness accounts from reputable sources of UFO sightings, we have yet to shoot one down. I believe that, as a people, we're not that nice. Given the opportunity, which I believe we have been, we would drop one in a heartbeat... unless there were a very good and substantiated reason not to.
     Stay with me now, I'm getting to the point.
     In the world of trade does anyone ask permission to take what they can get without permission and without repercussions? I would argue, no. Sure, it's not nice but, as I've already stated, I don't think we're all that nice anyway. When the threat of repercussion rears it's ugly head (such as when a civilization advances to the point at which they can deliver high speed, high power, airborn, unmanned devistation) it's probably wise work out some kind of deal in the interest of not getting blown up, a trade agreement. When it comes to the negotiation table, the rule of supply and demand reigns supreme. For either side the goal is to give up something you have a lot of that doesn't cost you much in return for something you don't have a lot of that would cost your dearly or is unattainable entirely... such as technology beyond our current capabilities.
     So on our table of alien trade, what are the commodities?
     It seems pretty obvious that aliens have a penchant for cow parts... who knows why, or cares.
     They also seem fairly interested in our (human) reproductive systems... this is a little more sticky for most of us (no pun intended). We don't generally take kindly to having our eggs or sperm forcibly removed. Even if there is no literal physical harm done, it's still a bit too close to rape. And most of us would want to know what they wanted them for. So, there seems an inherent problem with the trader representing Earth giving the alien trader half of what latter came here for. Still, the aliens seem to know exactly what they're shopping for.
     What OUR trader is after, on the other hand, is a bit more nebulous... advanced technology. This put the alien trader is in the unique position of being able to buy "Manhattan for a song," so to speak. They're version of a worn out toaster might appear to us as pure technological gold. Sure, we want the "Warp-Drive", but we also know that our bargaining chips are few. Although the stakes have risen for the alien trader thanks to the advances in human weaponry, the aliens are still, most likely, capable of taking what they want without permission and with only the potential of acceptable losses. All we really have to offer is a promise of non-aggression. In other words, we promise not to attempt to shoot them out of the sky. In short, they have the definitive upper hand.
     So now we have a good working hypothesis to answer the question of why the aliens would visit us and even do seemingly odd things (like the cattle mutilations, and abductee "exams"). It's all about trade. Somewhere on their trade-route is a civilization that's just nuts for cow innards. Perhaps the same civilization, or some other, is breeding clones from our eggs and sperm. Who knows. Chances are we wouldn't like the answer. And therein lies a big part of a very plausible answer to the question of why a government would seek to cover it all up.
    There are three major types of things governments like to hide:
  1. Information which could be dangerous to them as a governing body
  2. Information which their constituency would not like (often leads to revolution, head-loss, and worse: election losses)
  3. Information which, if released, would lead to a net loss in revenue for the governing body's country and/or business interests
     The kind of information we're talking about here, aliens visiting our planet for the purpose of possibly unsavory trade, falls into all three catagories above especially when taking into account that such information would prove the government has been lying to us for at least 60 years, and is willing to turn a blind eye to not only our wishes, but also our personal welfare.

     So, there it is. That's my theory... my hypothesis. There are a lot of "ifs" in there, but it's the only thing I've been able to come up with so far that provides a reasonable explanation for my question of "Why." Trade is something mankind has been doing throughout our history. It exists in every known civilization on the face of our planet in one form or another. We often have gone to extreme lengths and expense to increase our trade possibilities. Is it so unreasonable to believe that concept of trade could be a universal truth? Is it impossible to believe that there always will be and always has been someone with something that someone else wants? Is it not likely that if an otherwordly race were visiting us there purpose would be trade?